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Welcome, all to the new world of artful and colourful gemstone jewels. Yes, you are right here you are going to see a brief about our artful Chrysocolla Gemstone from our Chrysocolla Jewellery Store in Jaipur. Why this gemstone has this name as artful? You could admire it why this name came. You can feel the natural artistic forms in this gemstone around the world. Oh! what a pretty sight it would be if you wear in your ear or a necklace or in your fingers with a piece of this artistic chrysocolla gemstone in your own ring. First of all, we will have a little tour of this semi-precious gemstone and its natural forms and how it is used in the field of jewellery.

Intro about the Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is not found as separate mineral-like other gemstones. It is an amorphous substance, and its density is very low which makes it a gel-like substance. It is silica hydrated by the copper and found usually many in the copper ore. On the measurement scale for minerals, it is very soft that is from 2 to 4 only. Chrysocolla is not such a fully structured crystal to be used as it is in the making of jewels. It has to be made agitated with the quartz crystalline to be used in the making of jewels. The colour of chrysocolla is sky blue with a light pale colour spread over. It is one of the silica type minerals found in the ores.

How to feel the gemstone originality

Well, professional jewellers have their own reputation in identifying the gemstone they could feel by the touch and its unique sense from other types. In fact, you could touch the stone to your tongue- if you felt sticky then it's sure chrysocolla.


It is a stone for peace, wisdom and of course love. It blends the emotions and makes a clear translation between the communicating members. The stone is ruled by Venus and it symbolizes one of the three natural elements that God gave us, which is water, the Elixir of Life. Since it has been associated with the chakras of heart and throat, you are able to see many people wearing it as a heart-shaped one stone necklace or a neck type band.

Medicinal Profiles

The stone has the ability to clear the throat and it soothes the heart with a feather touch sensation in the mind and communication. It encourages to develop character in children and the one who is much familiar or near to you.

Feel the passion of wearing

Each and every Chrysocolla jewellery from our Chrysocolla Jewellery Store in Jaipur is crafted carefully and condensed to be unique. Every single jewel is handcrafted and made to be a separate kind from one another. Moulded with the finest 925 sterling silver and various levels of golds, we can guarantee you that not more than one piece will be alike from our exclusive wide range of wholesale shops.

Why buy from us

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